Sequoia  Construction


Completed Projects

  • Sequoia Park Zoo Canopy Walk (Timber Framing, Decking, Guardrails & Concrete)
  • College of the Redwoods Utility Infrastructure Replacement Seismic Strengthening
  • Fort Bragg Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • St Joseph Hospital Converting Old ER into a New Kitchen
  • Gift Shop at St. Joseph Hospital
  • Mad River Hospital - Air Handling Tower
  • Mad River Hospital - Chiller Replacement
  • Bear River Rancheria Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Hospice of Humboldt Campus (Subcontractor for Concrete, Framing & Interior Finish)
  • Lost Coast Brewery - Tank Foundation Addition
  • Cypress Grove Chevre - Barn "C"
  • Cypress Grove Chevre - Milking Parlor
  • Rio Dell Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • PG&E Power Plant - Metal Building
  • Yurok Fish Processing Plant
  • Humboldt County Parks Bathroom Replacement
  • Ferndale Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • St. Joseph Hospital - North East Tower (Subcontractor)
  • Crescent City Water Pollution Control Facilities (Joint Venture w/ Wahlund Const. and O&M Industries)
  • Humboldt Flakeboard - Biofilter (Subcontractor for Structural Concrete Tiltup)
  • Smith River Rancheria WWTP (Subcontractor for Concrete)